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Making Everyday
Hi, I'm Jonathan Mann. I make something everyday and want you to, too.

#163!! “You’re All Right, Sir Isaac”

issac newton was a total badass
he invented calculass
T he principia mathematica
he got totally radical
he wrote opticks a theory of light
issac newton, man, you’re all right

Issac Newton lived for 84 years
That’s a really long time for way back then
maybe he was an alien
He never slept and he never ate
He never took boys or girls on dates
He did logarithmic functions for fun

He was into alchemy
he was into the occult
Maybe he was an alien
But he didn’t know it
But he didn’t know it!
Issac Newton thought the world would end
in the year 2060
Goes to show he doesn’t know everything
Everyone knows 2012 is the year

Issac Newton was friends with John Locke
Not the guy from lost, but the famous philosopher
Issac asserted that christ wasn’t God.
He drank a lot of Mercury
He was knighted by the queen
He even had an arch nemeisis named robert hook
They were enemies till the day hook died

  • June 12, 2009 5 years ago
  • #song